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Motorbike lesson in english at MOVICA Motorbike school

More than just your driver’s licence – motorbike training for life!

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Getting your driver's licence

MOVICA Motorbike school offers quality lessons in English, very close to Amsterdam. We are experienced teachers who can help you pass your exams in English.

Robert is an experienced traveller with lots of friend abroad so english is more than just really good.

What we offer: safety, control, private lessons (sometime with others for experience) and most important: passionate teaching.

Book an introductory lesson by filling out the contact form or use the button or book an introductory lesson on a specific date and time – It’s in dutch, but easy to follow.

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You need to pass three exams:

Theory: Specific motorbike theory. This is an individual exam in Dutch. We can arrange an interpreter if required. The theory books are in Dutch, however there is a summary in English – don’t worry, we can help you with this.

Motorbike Skills exam: A practical exam to show proficiency in 12 specific exercises. You must pass at least 5 out of 7 of the exams. But hey: we teach you MUCH more.

Practical exam: A practical exam showing your ability to control and drive your motorbike in traffic. A motorbike is a dangerous vehicle, you will need to display a great sense of foresight and self safety.

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Other information

Foreign licence:

  • Please check your (car) driving licence
  • If you do not have a European Union driving licence, you will need to get one
  • Or pass your theory motor bike exam first


  • In the Netherlands, your age determines your licence category.
  • If you are over 24, there are no limitations. Please let me know if you are under 24.


  • You will have your lessons on a Suzuki Sv650.
  • This bike is suitable for all heights.
  • Teachers follow on a motorbike not in a car.

Welcome to MOVICA Motorcycling School
passion for safe motorcycling

Choosing MOVICA Motorcycle Driving School is choosing quality. Our mission is to teach people how to ride a motorcycle for life, not just to pass an exam. We will guide and help you figure out how to ride a motorcycle for yourself.


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Click on the button below to register for your introductory lesson! Require more infomation? Fill in the contact form or call Robert van der Kolk on 06-24456022. We will be delighted to answer your questions.

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